The project

Valle del Serchio. Più vicino a te

The project “Cultural Basin of the Serchio Valley - System of Fortresses and Fortifications” was elaborated and developed jointly by the two Unions of the Municipalities of the Middle Serchio Valley and the Garfagnana Basin, as part of a comprehensive set of interventions concerning fortresses, walled settlements, castles and medieval bridges throughout the territory.

The aim was to create a distributed museum system of recovered monumental sites that are now valued and identified within an area unique in its culture, typical products and ways of life.

Thus is established a truly tangible cultural area, “The Cultural Basin of the Serchio Valley”, which allows visitors to reconstruct a detailed mosaic of historical, artistic and environmental experiences across various sites in order to enjoy a heritage that accompanies the most famous centres of Tuscan cultural.

This website, developed in parallel with the publication of a guide book, presents the interventions undertaken within the area and provides the public with a historical reading of the sites concerned, providing a useful introduction or accompaniment to visiting the territory.